Over mij

Bo Pennings is a dutch visual artist who lives in Langenboom, The Netherlands. Born in Nijmegen on 25 november 1987 (age 31)

Bo grew up in the small social village Langenboom and went to the HAN (High School of Arnhem and Nijmegen) to study ‘Communication and Multimedia Design Computer Science’. Bo started with paper drawings and graphic art when he was 15. Bo founded in january 2009 the webdesign agency called Wux, specializing in the design and development of userfriendly websites. In 2010, Bo focused on photography and buying his first digital SLR camera. Although he was always attracted to painting.

In 2012, after seeing an action paining video of dutch artist Herman Brood, he started to make his own paintings. First in the same recognizable style of Herman Brood. Shortly afterwards he started experimenting with his own style.

Bo is an abstract expressionist and informal painting artist and does gestural abstraction action painting. He combines graffiti spray paint with messy stucco and drip painting. He rarely uses a brush and tries all kinds of different techniques and tools with different types of materials.